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  • Self Build Insurance from Protek - Site Insurance & Structural Warranty - On Line Quote
  • Self Build Insurance from Protek - Site Insurance & Structural Warranty - On Line Quote

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Self build structural warranty process

The self build structural warranty process is relatively straight forward and is started by getting a quote.

Choose whether you want building control included in your self build warranty.

Details regarding the project are collected along with the status of where you are in the process. We will ask you who is carrying out the building control function. If this hasn’t been arranged yet, then you have the option to request for the building control function be incorporated with the provision of the structural warranty. This is usually the most cost effective solution.

If you have arranged building control separately, then your warranty will be quoted with a technical audit fee. A technical audit is the term we use to define the process of our nominated surveyor physically checking your project. This is done from design through the course of construction utilising a plan check and series of site based inspections.

If the building control is arranged alongside the structural warranty, then the structural warranty will be quoted showing the cost of the building control and a building control audit. There is no requirement for a separate technical audit.

Every time you get a quote – our system will provide you with a warranty and site insurance quotation, but they can always be purchased separately.

When to start your self build structural warranty.

You should start the self build structural warranty process by purchasing it approximately two to three weeks before site clearance works commence.

At that point the technical auditor or building control provider is notified of your project and they will make contact with you directly. You will need to provide the surveyor with copies of your working drawings, sections and calculations, which will all be checked.

At this time the surveyor will also need to identify your proposed schedule for the project This enables the surveyor to be able to advise you on what stages they need to inspect the works. At the end of each inspection, the surveyor will report their findings to us and we will issue a site inspection report to you confirming the progress. The report will highlight any issues that need to be dealt with, to ensure the works meet with the requirements for provision of the warranty.

After all the checks and inspections are carried out and a building control completion certificate is issued, the property is deemed to be acceptable for warranty provision and we will issue a Certificate Of Insurance, signifying the start of the 10 years Cover.

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